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Technical Overview

The Xnee applications (gnee, pnee and xnee) receives X11 protocol data (e.g. events) from an X server (using libxnee) and print them to a file, called Xnee Session File. Theses events are later read from the session file and replayed. Gnee and xnee can read its settings from a file, called Xnee Project File, or from command line (cnee), via the GUI (gnee) or the Gnome Panel Applet (pnee).

Events directly generated by the user (e.g KeyPress) can be replayed
or faked. Requests, replies, errors and events not directly generated by the user (e.g MapNotify) can be recorded as well. By using these data Xnee can replay with synchronisation.

When record mode is used Xnee receives a copy of the data sent to and from the X server. The copy is printed to a file. Xnee can record the whole X11 protocol, not just mouse and keyboard events.

This picture gives an overview of Xnee and the files used when recording.

When replay mode is used Xnee reads data from a file or stdin. These data is either sent to the server (if it is a keyboard or a mouse event) or used to synchronise with (if any of the other data).
This picture gives an overview of Xnee and the files used when replaying.


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